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Find answers with a truly gifted, straightforward and entertaining seer!

CBS Local - DFW Top Listed!

Featured ~ BEST Fortune-Tellers in DFW.

Wise and Compassionate

Easy conversations. Empathetic.

Session Options

Phone, FaceTime, Skype or In-person.

Client Praise

Read why real clients choose me.


There are many tools that I use in my practice with tarot being the tool of choice. I also a variety of oracle decks.

Higher Path Guidance

Connecting you to higher realms. Gain perspective about who you are and your purpose in this lifetime.


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Events • Parties

Have a professional fortune-teller at your special event! Call or email for quotes.


I have made it my life's work to understand human behaviors in order to understand why we do the things we do. I have consulted with hundreds of clients and studied many aspects of the art of divination.



Energy, Engagement and Empowerment. Welcome to the website of Author, Professional Psychic and Tarot Reader Gina Thies. Whether you are seeking insight for personal issues, expanding your spiritual awareness or want to learn more about the art of divination, I am here to assist you. I specialize in relationship readings as well as in-depth intuitive consultations for a variety of concerns. I understand that your future is important and that you seek a life of balance and normalcy. Consultations with me will leave you informed and empowered. In addition, I offer a variety of one-on-one mentoring programs for those wishing to immerse themselves as a professional reader or learn more about tarot or other esoteric topics.

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Love & Relationships

Nothing is more important to us as social creatures that being loved and cared for. Let my trusted insight help you in your matters of the heart. We can explore your questions like, "Am I in the right relationship?" or "What do I need to look at so that I may attract the right partner?"

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Do you question your choice of career or wonder about options that will improve your financial situation? An indepth consultation will provide you with insight to make informed choices.

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Life Path - Destiny

You are in the driver's seat. Life has many options and possibilities. Together we will look at the guideposts as you make your way on life's journey.