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If you could gain important insight to your perplexing situation, how would that help you?

Fearful of taking steps because your options aren’t clear?

Are you seeking relevant insight from someone with compassion and understanding?

Most people are a little apprehensive when it comes to allowing a stranger delve into their personal life. I understand how you feel.

If you are:

• seeking to connect with higher wisdom

• looking to get straight-forward advice

• uncertain of your own intuitive impressions and would like to learn more

…you may have just found what you are seeking and I am here to assist.You have taken one more step on the journey of your spiritual ascent and conscious living.

Listen closely, you could spend hours looking for a good spiritual adviser. There are many to choose from but I can tell you that all psychics readers are not alike.


Shortly, I will be sharing something with you that you won’t see most psychic reading sites tell you. But first, I want to tell you that your time and money is precious in these hard times. I understand because I don’t want my time wasted either. I want your experience with a reader to be outstanding. I want you to feel you can walk away feeling inspired and motivated. Most of all, I want you to get to a happy place where you can function as your authentic Self.

How I Work:

I give intuitive, insightful advice as a compass that helps you navigate through life’s storms. I am a mystic who uses tarot cards as a tool that allows the exploration of possibilities. My process allows you, the Seeker to comfortably examine yourself with clarity. Whether you want to learn more about tarot, discover deeper truths about yourself or need coaching or guidance for your professional journey. I am here to help you unmask your brilliance!

Let me share with you what most psychic reading sites don’t -

• All psychics, card readers, astrologers, diviners and life coaches are not created equal.

• A psychic is not necessarily clairvoyant or all-seeing.

• All tarot readers are not psychics. Some perform energy work or spells while some don’t.

• Many tarot practitioners will not perform predictive readings.

• Predictions involve your free will.

• Readings should leave you feeling empowered or self-directed.

I am often asked, “how accurate are you?”. I can tell you that I am very accurate and fast. But does telling you that I am 100% accurate help you? Here is what a recent client shared about their reading with me:

Client Comment: “I just got done looking at the email about my 6 card love reading, and… WOW! Pretty amazing I must say! Especially since you had nothing to go on but my email address and maybe some payment information, lol!”- M.S.

How to Purchase Your Consultation:

1. You may purchase a Phone, Face Time, Skype or In-person session ranging from 25 minutes to 60 minutes. Click here to buy.

2. For Email Readings. Click here to buy. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response for all email readings. Do not forget to submit your email reading questions on the form or email your questions to me directly.

3. For phone appointments or to schedule an appointment, you may call 972-360-8276.


Email: tarotadvisor@icloud.com

Curious about the future? Confused about life?
Are you with the right person? Partner issues?

Love • Relationships • Career • Success • Life • Soul
Find answers with a truly gifted, straightforward and entertaining seer!

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A Top-Rated Psychic Reader in the Dallas Area that Suits Your Needs.

Providing you with intuitive insights for your spiritual growth, life path, career and specializing in relationship issues. I work with people like you that are having difficulties and want to get their lives on track. I help individuals find meaning and purpose to life while unmasking the hidden influences.

I help those are seeking to make a positive difference in their circumstances. As an intuitive reader, I interpret signs and symbols that are given to me that accurately describe your situation allowing me to help you. I help you identify negative patterns so you can work on the things that are of value to you and transform yourself into the best you can be. I work with those who are new to readings. There is nothing to fear from a session with me. You will have an explanation of the reading process before the consultation begins.

Together, we can take the mystery out of life!

Let me unmask your brilliance and empower you to become more confident, remove uncertainty and help you on the path to life of your dreams.

Schedule a one on one reading with me to find out the range of options you have for improving yourself and healing your life. My practical guidance helps you to recognize your own patterns of hindrance and imparts powerful insight that encourages right living.

I am available for your next party, wedding, shower, corporate event, trade show or special occasion! Contact me with questions by phone or email.


Note: A consultation with me is not a substitute for medical or psychological care. I am providing esoteric, spiritual, and clairvoyant guidance. Issues concerning any medical, legal, mental health or finances should be addressed with a licensed professional in your area.