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Dating Confusion – Should I Date Them or Not?


Should I Date Them or Not?

The light of a full moon is mysterious and beautiful, but it doesn’t quite show everything that the sun would with its intense, warm light.

The moon is described in pagan circles as the triple goddess, indicating lunar phases and I would say being all things at once.

Moonlight is soft and alluring. It can be pretty bright at its fullest and disappear for several days. Moodiness, weird behavior, deception and dreams are associated with the moon as well as the Mother or Grandmother.

Here are some red flags to keep in mind when you meet someone that is a potential or perhaps current love interest. You may want to think twice about getting involved.

  1. Secretive behavior.
  2. They suffer from insomnia or sleep disturbances.
  3. Poor relationship with mother or female caretaker.
  4. Anger or resentment about exes.
  5. Your intuition screams NO.

On the other hand, here are some things to consider when to consider dating someone:

  1. Similar life paths and goals.
  2. Interest in the deeper meanings of life.
  3. Empathizes with others.
  4. They don’t paint illusions about themselves.
  5. Integrity is high.
  6. Great leadership qualities.

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