bats_fiesta_sparky.53233322_stdOften there are discussions in which tarot bloggers and enthusiasts mention what they see or would hope to see for the future of tarot and the community of tarot. While I think the experience of tarot is vast and new approaches are discovered daily, I admit that the future of tarot would be hard to predict.

This past August 2015, I was one of the presenters at the 24th annual San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium (BATS) held in San Jose, California. I was joined in presenting by the like of popular conference teachers such as Thalassa Mary. K. Greer, James Wanless, Carrie Paris, Rana George and Joanna Powell-Colbert among others.

My presentation, titled “Views From The Other Side Of The Table” taught how individuals show up for readings with different ways of thinking, bringing with them their own perspectives and systems in place. Since we emerge developmentally at different paces, I inquired that as ‘agents of transformation” what competencies are needed in order to collaborate a reading process that is satisfactory to all involved?

I was contacted by one of the attendees who prepared a “one question” report in which some of the presenters were asked to share their “predictions” on what could be expected at BATS in 10 years. The results were summarized in a delightful blog post on Seven Card Spread found here