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• Express Mini Session – $69.00

A session geared to feed your curiosity or to address a specific question. I give a short overview of circumstances surrounding you with insights that allows you to confidently move forward in life. If you are short on time this option is quick and takes no more than 15 minutes.


• Basic Session – $75.00

This session aims to address 1-2 questions or topics that require refined examination. I’ll quickly navigate the imagery of the cards, utilizing a custom-made spread designed to address your specific area of concern.  By the end of your session you’ll leave with an improved outlook and empowering perspective. The Basic Session is approximately 25-30 minutes long.

• Standard Session – $125.00

A Standard Session is especially attractive when you feel drawn to the mystery of the cards.  This popular session is a thorough focus on immediate answers to complex questions or concerns.  Often, core issues are intuited without the need to pry with leading questions. The Standard Session takes approximately 55-60 minutes.

• Premium Session – $150.00

A Premium Session gives you the freedom to explore unknown parts of yourself.  This session typically uses 10 or more cards and up to 3 spreads. It also allows an overview of specific details about people, places and future possibilities. You can also explore ways to improve or maintain your personal or spiritual aspirations. This session lasts approximately 60-75 minutes.


• Group  (Up to 4 People) – $200.00

Designed for small in-person gatherings with group of friends. Perfect for lunch or dinner entertainment. 1 hour session in which time is equally divided among up to 4 participants. Not available for phone sessions.

Policy: By purchasing a reading here, you agree to and authorize the charges incurred on your payment method and understand that once a reading is delivered, no refunds are given. Before your session starts,  you may request the session be recorded (technology permitting) and saved on a flash disk that you can receive by mail or as a digital download. (Optional)

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