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3 Tips for Finding a Quality Love Psy...

It is my pleasure to share with you an article from guest blogger Amy Zimmerman. Here’s what she has to say about finding a quality reader: Love psychics play important roles as they determine how people approach romantic lives each day. These individuals can use their abilities and talents to bring people closer to their […]

A Better World Needs Conscious People

It is impossible to have a better world without conscious, better people. A conscious person is one that is not only aware of the connection to All, but is working towards the constant improvement of self and contributing to the growth of others and the evolution of the planet. This begins with transcending the fear […]

Stay Cool Under Pressure

Stay Cool Under Pressure July Newsletter Issue Hello and welcome! I hope everyone is having an amazing Summer! Hopefully you get some time to cool of and get in some Summer reading. The Fifty Shades Trilogy is taking the best sellers lists top spot followed by The All Souls Trilogy. I am in the middle […]

Dating Confusion – Should I Dat...

Dating Confusion – Should I Date Them or Not?

THE MOON Should I Date Them or Not? The light of a full moon is mysterious and beautiful, but it doesn’t quite show everything that the sun would with its intense, warm light. The moon is described in pagan circles as the triple goddess, indicating lunar phases and I would say being all things at […]

Fear of Bad News

Fear of Bad News

A Fear of Bad News in Readings? Ancient prophets have historically given predictions of gloom and doom. It isn’t just the Mayans that have cornered the market on seeing the end of times. Many religious groups have found the end time or the Apocalypse to be compelling. Most, including Judeo-Islamic-Christian beliefs have an account of […]

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